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Posted:Hi everybody

I introduce you "Tribal Glow-Po", a little video of my own that I made this week. I didn't think that I could do something with the original video,

but after a second thought and informatical tribulations, I produced this little sequence on a Tribal groove.

The quality isn't that good yet, but you can now see the po more clearly.

I also present you some tricks that I've just set up.


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Posted:i like the still you had at 6:44
is it a glowstick with two colors or a poi or two glowsticks
the flowers are cool but i like the stuff near the end after the 2:30 mark

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Posted:You can now download the video on direct link
I've added a few effects to get a better quality.
I've noticed that the video on youtube was not synchronized with the music. So I advise you to watch the one you can download.
See you soon.