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Yo yo my good people!
im looking to form a group of fire twirlers in brasil.
i was at this party called tribe, and there was this fire twirling group, that was a complete disaster...
one of the poi spinners used too little kevlar, and spinned fast as hell so she allways put out the fire, one of the staff spinners allways dropped the staff on the floor (and the floor was grassy, and the staff was lit!!! PRACTICE BEFORE FIRE!!!)
and a whole lotta things that im gonna post in another forum.
so the point is, i tried to connect with them to help them a bit, but they just gave me the finger and told me they know what they are doing and for me to go away...
so, now that i saw the brasilian atittude on this amazing art, i wanna mnake a new and improved fire twirling group biggrin
if anyone is interested, contact me.
ill be posting this same post in the site:


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