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Location: Bristol

Hi people,

I'm probably gonna be living in Coventry for a couple of months, so wanted to find out about the local juggling club.

The contact email for the one on Juggling DB doesn't work, so can anyone who goes to this club, or knows about it tell me if its still running.


jademoonBRONZE Member
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Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

Hi Rob, I am in the same boat....I move to Coventry in the new year, and I really really really really want to join a poi workshop/group etc! Even if we cant find a club, perhaps we can at least spin together.

Anyone else out there?? I noticed there was an old thread about Coventry, and Nuneaton....but as Rob said, no correct contact details.

Help us! smile

Lots of love Bec smile xxxx

ps. in Coventry from New Year! weavesmiley

GothFrogetteBRONZE Member
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Location: Nuneaton, United Kingdom

i don't know much about the cov juggling club... but we have one in Nuneaton that is held on a friday 6:30 - 9 1.50 smile we also hold meets in nuneaton the second weekend of every month. url=]go here[/url]

Pm me for more details on the juggling club or if need anything else biggrin

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KieronGOLD Member
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Location: United Kingdom

During University term time i'm in Coventry, i've never found the juggling club but after being told it wasn't very good I haven't really tried either.

I'm usually up for spinning however and turn up in Nuneaton every second weekend, should join the juggling club fun as well come to think of it.

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jademoonBRONZE Member
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Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

I'll definitely be coming to the weekend meet in Nuneaton, and hopefully to every other boyfriend has his own workshop held in Finchley every other friday, so have to support him there, so can alternate!!

Have fun and I hope to meet you all in January when I move!

Lots of love Bec xxxx smile

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