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Can't say much, I'm at school. Brief question -

Does anyone have any advice or any helpful links to Contact Juggling

P.S. Yes, I did a search on existing threads rolleyes

My first contact juggling day was about a week ago. I can only practice one hours on thursdays, but for that one hour I spent, I got alot of moves down.

I can easily catch it on the back of my hand and roll it around the chest. I can do a one-handed isolation and this thingy I made up..

Anyways, any help given would be certainly appreciated and would be awarded with tea and a hug wink

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Lots of usefull info in [Old link] thread

contactjuggling.org is great
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 Written by: RaveRepresent

P.S. Yes, I did a search on existing threads rolleyes

It's not so much DOING the search. It's the READING THE INFORMATION FROM THE SEARCH that's important.

I searched and got a pile of CJ threads with tons of info. Now you should go and click on those threads and find the info there.


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