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Posted:Hey guys!
Hope you'r all doing great:)
On november first i'm going on a big trip finelly at last after two long years in israel. i'm very happy biggrin
The plan is to go for a month or so to thailand and have a month of fire spinnig with them crazy thai spinners on the islands (I'm thinking Ko Phangan) and have a big full moon finish. than go to NZ for 3 months and after that Australia.
I want you to tell me if you know of any events on that treck that i should'nt miss or any good fire spinning gatherings. Also, if you can recomend on the place in the thai islands with the best spinners to you'r apinion.
I ask alot, i know, but even one littel tip will be a great help.
Thank you butyfull people!
Love and joy.
Orenico. weavesmiley

Love, Love, Love...

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Posted:check victoria park in auckalnd , new zealand over summer months tuseday night, heaps of fire spinners doen there smile

Are you up for it?