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FiretrampFiretrampold hand
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Location: Binstead, Isle of Wight

Yesterday the very popular site Couchsurfing crashed. I know there are some Hoppers that were members of it. So please forward this message to all your established contacts:

Greetings... this email was sent to me to send to you!

As you may or may not know, appears to have been
shutdown without warning as of June 30. This is a calamity to those
who are amidst travels and rely on the site for contacting hosts or
surfers. In response,
has been
established to patch connections with people through a forum until a
more permanent solution can be found. News and updates can be seen at:

News/updates (temporary):



Please forward the above information to any couchsurfers you already
have established email contact with. Thanks.

-Alan (kwalan on couchsurfing)

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newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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Location: Bali, Australia

indeed this is a great shame for the site and all those wonderful people who use it... including the 'refugees' like me who were about to stay with someone somewhere... in my case, Linz!!

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mausmausBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Sihanoukville, cambodia

Good news!!!!

just recieved this:

Dear CouchSurfers, It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of CouchSurfing version 2.0. CouchSurfing as we knew it, version 1.0, is gone but the project will not die! Please check out
to learn more about what is happening and get involved. In the past several days, we have received an unprecedented outpouring of love, support, and offers of help from all over the world. It is clear the CouchSurfing community must carry on, and have been working around the clock (literally) to re-launch the network. You have responded overwhelmingly that you want this project to continue to grow, and thrive, and together we can create an even better version of CouchSurfing. We expect to have the site fully functioning in 10 days. In the mean time, we've created a message board to keep you up to date on developments and help you reconnect with friends, surfers and hosts. You can find it at
Thanks again for your continued support. Together we can create a better world, one couch at a time. We love you! The CouchSurfing Core Team and the CouchSurfing Collective: Casey, Heather, Nathalie, Jim, Dani, Seb, Leo, Dan, Rico, Aldo, Jesse, Konstantinos, Gretelle, Duke, Alex, Giancarlo, John, Julienne, Chris, Mercy, Mark, Amylin, Daniel, Caitlin, Allan, PY, Jessica, Francis, Rachel, Mathieu, Tyler, Natalia, Alejandrito, Juely, Mari-eve

Tempest_FirefaeTempest_FirefaeGOLD Member
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Location: Home!, Australia

Am driving down from Edinburgh, through England, down through France and onto Barcelona in next 2 weeks. Does anyone want to share the lift part/all the way?

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Bigfoot67Bigfoot67GOLD Member
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Location: Bornem (Belgium)

I was wondering which people from HOP are also active on Couchsurfing...

FiretrampFiretrampold hand
896 posts
Location: Binstead, Isle of Wight

ME!!! I love it! I'm listed as Anneke.

Hey, en leuk iemand anders van Belgie hier te zien smile

Ask a question and be a fool for a minute...don't ask and be a fool your whole life.

FireNixFireNixBRONZE Member
old hand
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Location: India/Bristol

Yep me too - FireNix is mine
Great site, ive used it a few times and never had any trouble....well apart from in Kuala Lumpa where the hostess and her brother had a full on drunken fight right next to me in the lounge the night I was leaving. Yeah nothing much!!!
But seriously never heard of any real problems fomr that site

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