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Im currently using white spirit as my fuel, but i only get like 3 minutes maximum then they burn out. What else can I use instead to give a longer performance??

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For a start never ever use white spirit again!

It has an extremely low flash point which means it can ignite from even the smallest spark. If a spectator flicks a fag and it unexpectadly lands in your dipping bucket the whole lot goes up in flames and endangours yourself and other spectators.

You should read this article.

Download this video

And take this test.

I suggest you use parrafin. It has a low flash point, and besides producing alot of soot, is a relitivly safe fuel to use for fire spinning.

Also on a side note: these forums are very large. Most topics have been discussed before and you can easily find them using the [Old link] button which is located inbetween main index and my home smile

Also there are articles for you to read for absoloutly free eek About all sorts of things related to fire spinning.

Don't light up with white spirit again! It is highly dangerous.

Stay spinning, keep smiling and be safe!

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Im not sure if white spirit is the same as white gas here in the states, but if it is, its not so bad. Sure, you have to be a lot more careful with your fueling station (ie cover dip cans with lids) and just generally know what youre doing, but over here its actually the preferred fuel among most performers. There are benefits to both paraffin and white gas so its best to know which fuel is best for which situation instead of simply saying to never use one or the other.

Anyway, on to the question at hand...

Yes, white spirits will burn up faster than paraffin and is probably one of the issues you are facing. The other, Im guessing, is that your wicks are rather small. Im not sure which wicks you use, but Ill take a stab and say 2.5" tube cores? They usually burn for about 3 mins with white gas. With paraffin/lamp oil you might get about 4 minutes, but to really extend your burn times youre gonna need bigger wicks. The bigger your wicks are, the more fuel they can hold. Surface area also has a hand in burn times. The less surface area, the less fuel will burn in any given moment. Cotton wicks will also hold more fuel than kevlar, but in return, they will burn up much quicker.

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