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Ok something a group of us were working on tonight in perth.

Has anyone ever done or tried staff rolls. It is basically a wrist roll with a staff over another staff.
If anyone has any pointers or comments about effective ways of doing this it would be greatly appreciated.

Was trying to do a staff roll to neck and back to staff but ended up with a very saw head.

DentrassiGOLD Member
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could you use a bit more detail? are you essentially using one staff to devil-stick the other?

theres heaps of nice cross variations rolling staffs around each other devil sticks style, with some fun contact combos as well. it is quite hard to describe over the net though.
is that what your doing?

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i haven't done any devil stick so yeah it could possibly be that, but essentially i am doing a wrist or arm roll and substituting the wrist or arm with a second staff

EveishGOLD Member
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yeps, a single rotation is quite easy, roll the staff quite close to where you are holding the other one, you can use your thumb to help it do the rotation until you get used to it happening by itself - then you will be able to do it without thumb assistance. Multiple roations are hard, but I have seen them done. Does any of that make sense?

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SeyeSILVER Member
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Staff on staff fishtails are the natural progression from this. Then inverted staff on staff fishtails (under your wrist).

devilstick tricks with staffs - as if fire devilsticks werent dangerous enough already.

LazyAngelGOLD Member
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yep tried this - still learning what to do with it though!
you can also apply it to a double staff throw so that they rotate round each other and end up where they started, I think..

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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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i believe dentrassi has skills in this area, maybe he should make some videos *nudgenudge*

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I found it was much easier to do devilstick tricks with the devil stick holder than another staff due to the silicone tubing, but I don't find tubing wide enough to go around my staffs. Anyone out there doing these moves using stuff like this, and could you clue the rest of us in where to get it?

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Think this is what I call staff on staff contact. A nice extension to the single roll it over the staff is to rotate the staff your holding so the other staff rolls over thumb side then little fingure side (hope this makes sense).

There are load of possiblity when you get into this, personally I like going between this and cross formation stuff. To be honest I haven't really played with this much this winter but i reckon that going to change as from 2morrow when i'm in Paris bounce

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