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so the subject recently came up on, knot throwing.
what it basicly is is having a 2' cord, and whipping it, but in a fashion that make the rope double back on its self and tie a knot.
i cant find hardly anything on it online. any one know of a good link?

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Dont have any links... But you might wanna look up some rope magic. I know some rope magicians use that technique to quickly tie knots.

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Ucof does this with long poi (If I get what you're talking about)- he'll be here shortly I'm sure smile

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Until he does though, I suggest making tea. smile
Oh wait, Im UCOF redface

I learnt it just from seeing it in a 36 types of juggling video.
Then I went and practised it.

Thats about it really shrug

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There are some pretty crazy knot throwers out there... Along with speed knotting, I believe the world record for the 6 'boyscout' basic knots is 8 seconds.

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