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Posted:For several years I went on a women's retreat weekend, during which we had to surrender our watches/time pieces. I am planning a retreat for next year and got to thinking about how difficult it was making it through a whole day without knowing what time it was. I actually snuck out to my car to check it! The thing is, we didn't have a schedule we were on or anything, the curiousity was just killing us and I was the only one who was brave enough to run outside, and do the dishes once I got caught!
Do you ever find this for yourself?
How often in a day do you check the time when you don't need to?

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Posted:Hardly ever. Even when I carry a watch which isn't often because I forget I never look at it.

I have absolutly no perception of time whatsoever so Having no clocks is pretty much the same as having clocks.


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Posted:Tee hee! Funny you should ask! ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME. I can't live without a watch. I replaced the batteries in my watch over the weekend. Well, I didn't quite seal it right, so when I went swimming, the watch flooded.

Not an hour after I got out of the water, I was the proud owner of a new watch. Also waterproof to 200 meters...

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Posted:I'm forever looking at the time!
If i accidently go out without a watch on i stop practically evry passer-by asking for the time!

I'm addicted to knowing the time. Can't stand not knowing it.


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Posted:Well, I check my watch, my cellphone my electric diary, the 6 clocks in our house, the clock in the car, the clock tower in Auckland...

I wouldn't say I am a slave to time, but I do like getting to the gigs when I'm supposed to.

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Posted:I work in a secondary school so we dont need watches. The school bell twls us when to go and when to stop....

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Posted:I've never worn a watch.. the only time peice I have apart from my two alarm clocks fort he morning is my mobile fone.. other than that I march to a different beat of drum.. time is only a concept if you make it one..

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Posted:I don't wear a watch anymore, but during the week I have to know what the time is, so I can get to work on time and (more importantly ), leave work on time too.
Other than that, I only really check the time to make sure I'm meeting people in the pub when I said I would, or working out that I've just spent 11 hours in bed so I really shouldn't be tired.

I really loved it when I was on holiday and didn't need to know the time for a whole week - I got up when I wasn't tired anymore and went to bed when I was, and ate when I was hungry. Spending the day playing with my Poi on the beach doesn't really need to be timed

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Posted:It depends on which part of the day I'm in.
During work I need to know so that I can attend meetings and such. When at home I don't check the time much till I think it's close to bed time. Which is why I get to bed so late.
On the weekends I don't pay much attention to the clock. I pay more attention to my stomach to tell me when to eat meals. This past Saturday went by very fast and I think I looked at the clock a few times.

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