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Posted: I haven't been posting here very much lately as I've been studying (see here), and I should be studyinng right now actually, as I have an exam in 12 hours. Buuuuut, I've just been for a walk and I felt I had to share with you the utter magic that I've experienced.

I wish, more than anything in the world, that you all could be where I am right now. I wish you could see what I've seen today, heard what I've heard, felt the sensations I've felt. The sun went down at 5:00 today, and almost immediately it started snowing I really didn't pay much attention to it until I stepped out the door and hour ago for my walk, only to find that it hadn't stopped, and that the world outside had been transfigured.

I can't even begin to describe the beauty. The entire world seems different...recognisable, yet unfamiliar.

Everything is blanketed in about two inches of the lighted fluffiest snow you've ever seen in your life. Tree stretch into the air, silhoutted against a strangely light and purplish sky. The snow is so thick on their branches that they look as though they're covered in white leaves. There's no wind at all, and all sounds are muffled by the sounds like another planet, making the environment seem thick and impentrable. The temperature is warm enough to feel comfortable in just a heavy sweater.

The entire world is bathed in the orange glow of sulphur street lights that contrast against the purple sky. Everything seems diffuse, gentle. Snowflutters around the street lights chaotically, in neverending swirling patterns. Your feet are silent as they walk and the texture of the ground is changed. Flakes of snow touch your face like thousands of cold kisses.

I listened to beautiful, hypnotic music that fit the mood perfectly. It enhanced the feeling like you could not believe.

Everything seems...suspended, somehow. Dead, yet full of life. It's amazing...words cannot describe what it's like to stand in the middle of it all, to feel it all around you like an overwhelming presence. The air is thick with the feel of it, yet it is all so fleeting. I wish I could crystallize the moment, and everything about it- the sights, the sounds, the sensations, those feelings that go beyond our senses- to keep forever.

That is the is all so transient. Tomorrow, the snow will be gray and dull, the sidewalks cleared, the wind breezy. The snow will half melt and turn to slush. Trees will look bare again.

I guess that is why I felt I had to share brings me so much joy, and tomorrow it will be gone. I want to share it with people I care about while it lasts. I know it would bring you joy as well if you could be here.

Sorry to be junking up social with a thread that probably won't generate much discussion...but if all this manages to get accoss the tiniest fraction of that which I'm feeling right now, it will be worth it to you. I wish like nothing else that it does.

Love to you all,


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Posted:The snow has melted here.

It's sh!tty. Brown grass, grey skies, cold, damp air. This isn't the Michigan I grew up in. This is global warming. This is...purgatory.

Now get back to work, young man!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:This is wonderful.

Today the sun set in a matter of seconds, or so it seemed. Lots of birds were singing as the sky turned to gold and the clouds melted away to darkness.

What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.


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Posted:It's getting on for summer here right now.

Having spent half my life in the Northern hemispere, seeing Christmas recipes next to summer fruit in magazines is just wrong.

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Posted:I love snow. I've only seen it once though.

I'd really love a white christmas, but it looks like i'm going to have to wait a few more years for one of those!

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Posted:And who says everyone on forums can't write. I can't wait for the snow to come here. But they way you explain that moment sounds magical.


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