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Posted:I find this a completely charming idea that appeals to the hippie, the frenzied reader, the child, and the adventurer in me, and I will go bookhunting tomorrow - thought I'd share!!




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Posted:Yeh, thats been going quite a long time, but this just reminded me I've got a book through this that I really should have read and passed on by now!

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Posted::O i've been lookin for this for ages!!!!!

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Posted:yes, yes, this is a nice idea. I found one in Ljubljana but i didn't get the code, as far as i could tell from my observation of the book, it had previously been sold in oxfam... but maybe there is more to the story... i don't know though i didn't write down the code...

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Posted:Didn't Birgit already post this somewhere?

Or did she just email me, I forget. I agree though 'tis cool. I did catch a book from there, still trying to plough through it, unfortunately it's pants, although has won some sort of award. May give up and pass it on.

Unfortunatley I am very protective of my books, and want to keep them so I can read them again later. I like books. A bit too much for the size of my flat unfortunately.

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Posted:I was given one in Synapore Airport, left it under a rock in Thailand - saddly I think no one is ever going to find it

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Posted:I did post it. Can I say it now, can I, can I? Do a search!! ubblol

Having said that, I've just done a search, and it didn't come up shrug

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Posted:Tsk! Like I would have posted it without doing a search!!! wink
But indeed, nothing came up... and with just 'book', waaaay too many came up.

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