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Hi all,I'm a newbie and have some questions regarding length of your cables/chains/whatever. I've been using the old standard "arm's length" rule, but I notice in some of the videos and etc that the cables people use seem to be much longer. Is this an optical illusion? What are your preferences and why? your input is much appreciated. confused

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I "learned" with the shorter arm-length, now however I find that the longer are the choice. I think you have more control with the short, but can later apply that to longer chains/strings etc.[This message has been edited by TheCleaner (edited 09 April 2001).]

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I use shorter than arm length for speed and inside moves, they have more versitility. The long ones are about 5 feet long and have grace and style..good for wrapping.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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my cable length is just a wee bit longer than my arm lenght and for me this is perfect, shorter ones are faster, and longer ones are more graceful as pele said. mine are inbetween (for me)

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i use a bit over arms length becasue arms length isnt enough to wrap over my fat legs

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It's funny, everyone says that shoter ones go faster... but i find that i can go faster using long ones than i can with short ones...weird.

AnonymousPLATINUM Member

hey endangered,I think ppl mean the poi do reps faster...not that the actual poi are travelling faster (linear velocity)I agree with both.(-rotation is faster with short, linear is faster with long)hope this clears something up,Josh

Endangered Sanitymember
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Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Yeah, now I understand. Thanks for clearing that up

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Short for indoors, clubs etc. longer for outside (so long they hit the ground on open weave). Extra long when I'm on my stilts, need loads of room though.One love, Thistlefirepixie smile

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