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Posted:This was mentioned by Glss as :

When the poi climbs up to 10 oclock tug so it flys acrros to

2 oclock and chops off the top of the circle etc.

But I do not understand it. What is it?


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Posted:I understand it to be..

think of a rectangle like this in front of you: []

the two top corners are at 10 o clock and 2 o clock. the line between those two poinnts is the line you want to make your poi fly across.

Is that a bit clearer/ correct?


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Posted:i think i do something that sounds like this on 'at the bottom of a cliff' at about 4:45... i call that floppy sock and maybe its not what glass meant.

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Posted:floppy sock! LOL


This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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Posted:The principle works anywhere you can stall- once the head has been given momentum, you can follow it with the handle to create slack, which can in turn be pulled to another position, creating straight lines in your circles. I call them 'tugs'.

2 or 3 in a row in control is bloomin' hard though


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Posted:do pendula.

normal pendulum is: your poi reaches horizontal and stalls, then let it fall back down again and swing to the other horizontal.

a pull through pendulum is: when the poi reach horizontal, jerk your hand back to whip the poi head across and back to the original horizontal position.

but as has been said, you can apply pull-throughs to any place in your spinning, creating some cool shapes smile

cole. x

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