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Posted:Hey, anyone know of anyone who spins in or around the County Durham area? I can't quite seem to get the hang of staff, though I spent a few hours yesterday trying to spin it and do figures of 8. The free lessons thing is good, but I don't understand what they mean sometimes, maybe because my vocabularly is tiny...

But anyway, back to my orgininal question: anyone know of any meets or just someone who spins staff in the County Durham area (for the southerners: that's near Newcastle, UK) who could show me what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks, Aly. x

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Posted:check out www.durhamcityjugglers.org.uk

we meet every tuesday evening. have done for about 15 yrs



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Posted:Hello there J_C

I am taking the liberty to move this to the *Meet Others* section rather than Chat. Chat is mostly games and silly friendly stuff. mini_mansell may have given you all the info you need though already. Nice one.

Also there are some members in this thread you might be able to PM or email and connect with. I'm in Australia, so I'm not much use to you apart from this wink

Good luck with learning!

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