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Forums > Social Chat > Do you believe extraterrestrials do poi and staff twirling?

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Posted:See current poll

I am a big fan of Star Trek. (hence the name of our cat "7")
Aliens in that program seem to be mostly human shaped. Two legs and opossable thumbs on two arms.
If we begin relations with an alien race from another planet that are "advanced" do you think they too would have the same human shape?
I think they may be similar shape if they have developed machines and the like.
and if they are "advanced" I believe they would have gone through the learning of using a stick as a tool and rope and wheels and balls somewhere in their history.

And I also believe we advance through play.
So using my theory they would play with their balls and sticks (not rude).
Chances are they would have learned poi twirling and staff. Both as a weapon/tool and recreational use.

Maybe I have watched too much Star trek. But it makes sense to me.

Do you belive in extraterrestrials (sp?) and if you do, what do you think they would look like and would they do poi and staff twirling?

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Laguna dude
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Posted:most certainly!

absolutely no assumptions on form, or even whether their existence is very close to what we call "living" nor arms, nor forms of fire, thus the chains & poles way beyond certain.

but spin fire poi?

CERTAINLY, one of the best ways to offer them peace & friendship, far more engaging than that gold record out there with that previous U.N. SecGen's voice we sent out so far, with translations in . . . how funny. . . tons of earthling languages, but all of them only human ones.

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Tantamount to fatuity
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Posted:On some distant planet a gelatinous blob is holding poi that remain stationary whilst he himself orbits them in a myriad of pretty patterns and shapes.

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:I should hope so...except I hope they have more hands than we do so they can do cooler tricks.

-Mike )'(
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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:*whips out the handydandy thermomiter* Dun worry Mr Malcolm this dun hurt at all.

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Posted:WHY YES WE DO LOVE POI. i will reveal to you all now that we in fact brought poi to your planet for direct training for soon to be revealed trans-dimensional gateway opening techniques... keep practicing...

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master sodium
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Posted:well, I honestly don't believe most extraterrestrials are humanoid form. look at the diversity of life on earth. organisms seem to evolve and change shape based on their environment, which could mean a whole plethora of possible outcomes.

but I'm sure, regardless of shape, that at least one of the "advanced" species of extraterrestrials would have discovered something similar to poi, staff, flags, or some twirling device intended for amusemant and training.

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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Since the universe is so incredably huge, and we only know for certain about life on this rock, it's pretty likely that there's life out there somewhere.
As Master Na pointed out though, since it tends to evolve to fit into the environment, it'll probably be nothing like anything we've seen before. Having said that, any being that uses tools for weapons will probably come up with spinning of some form, as a training exercise at the very least.

I'll leave you with a quote from Jurrassic Park, not the most reliable of sources, but it gets my point across: Life will find a way

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Laguna dude
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Posted:some are humanoid, just look at arashi!

well, almost humanoid, which is almost almost human

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Posted:they are here for all your base!
ha ha ha.
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old hand
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Posted:Nah, they are too busy turning cows inside out and giving Cartman an anal probe.



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Posted:Dang, Raph beat me to it!

Maybe the ET's consider it an art form to pick up Rednecks and probe them while they show them pictures of Elvis... I would think they'd get a good laugh out of the reactions.

Some alien probe community message board right now is probably wondering to themselves "do these things called humans enjoy picking up aliens and violating them the same way we do? "

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The Brick Layer
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Posted:Now that is an interesting question. Maybe some gelatinous lifeform on Omega Proxy 27 is struggling with some vastly complicated manouvere as we speak. Perhaps this very same gelatinous lifeform is in the process of scouring the database for the tutorials. Perhaps the gelatinous being came to Earth to show us new funky tricks. Perhaps I accidentley ate him with some ice cream last night - all these raspberry coloured wobbly things look alike to me.

On the other hand an advanced alien brain may be able to do cool stuff with telekenisis, which may allow them to do more funky stuff, but would most likely remove some of the challenge.

Besides of which we all know Star Wars happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away, and Darth Mauls, double ended light sabre could be mistaken for a lit staff if you squint a bit...

So aliens did indeed start it all, until Ewan MacGregor sliced him in half. Bastard!

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Posted:The universe is pretty big. If it's only us, that's a lot of wasted space.

I believe in extra-terresstrials. I think that there has to be some out there that play with a similar toy to poi or staff.

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Posted:If they're using poi, they're probably ultra advanced ones that use warp drives to control the speed and psionic powers to do upside down stops and shit like that!!!

yeah, and throws that stay up in the air twirl on their own..

say, if aliens with telekenetic powers had astrojax, they'd be WAY better than me!

Speaking of which, one of our poi posse in Toronto came back from Burning Man with a set of glow astrojax

I was excited about it.. it reminded me of christian (that astrojax master guy)

still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:the sad fact is, we're on the verge of war, because i just met their ambassador, and unfortunately, i gave it a good beating as it was shaped like a comet poi, so it's become another Minbari incident. and stuff.

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