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Location: Town:Ware County:Hertfordshire Country:England

Fire Soul Uk Outdoor Fire Fest.

This event will allow fire spinners, breathers and people with an interest in the art to meet up and perform alongside others,it doesn't even matter how good you are at fire spinning (hey i bet half of us don't know how to pull off a reverse weave) n if you don't feel safe with fire you can either have a go with some silk poi or just sit back n relax with a cold beer n some good BBQ food.

Event details:

Fire Soul will be held this Saturday June 18th

The meet up point is at 6:30 down in the Priory in Ware,Hertfordshire from there it will be a half-hour walk/bikeride to the countryside area where the event is being held.

The event will go on from 7:00pm Saturday till the eairly hours of Sunday so bring a flashlight and a lot of fuel.

You are asked to contribute 5 towards the food n drink supplyied at the event this will allow you to have a meal consisting of a BBQed hot dog or burger, a bag of crisps or other and a beverage, other items can be bought at the venue.

You are asked to bring your own equipment and fuel as well as any safety equipment you may need, although some equipment will be on hand if needed.

You may also bring your own tunes to play through the on -site mini hifi sound system which is well advised if you dont want to be listening to hits from the 80s all night.

People that are certified in first - aid are more than welcome to come and the site is near a small village if an accident does occer it is also advised that you bring your mobiles just in case they are needed.

The minimum age is 16 so bring your ID.

If you should have any questions or queries about the event.

Email : subject name: Fire Soul UK.


text: 07904597614

You will be answerd by email as soon as possible

Event Organiser: D-locco

EDITED_BY: d-locco (1118496485)

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