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Posted:Are any of the HoPers on I know it's ostensibly a dating site, but there's also some really funny tests, and great people there.

If you are, then feel free to post your Username and the names of tests you liked. I'm Commissar_Gaunt btw. I think the "Which element are you?" and "Signature weapon" tests are pretty cool.

If you're not, then check out the site anyway 'cos it's amusing!

And I have reliable info that a lot of the Edinburgh gang are on there so own up!

Good spinning! weavesmiley

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Posted:Yes we are. In force. Though it's more jugglers, not spinners. But hey. I'm tiggerwoman on it and it's fun, and it's less for dating [well it is, too, but I doubt if it actually ever works that way!] than to find out silly things about your friends, like if they're better than you at telling from pictures who's a virgin, or what age they'll die at.

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