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I saw a guy the other day with a diablo doing this trick with a diablo where he was spinning it on it's side (which in the first place was cool) and then suicided it, pirouetted with one handle flying and "whip caught" the diablo eek

Now that got me thinking, that I've never seen sucide pirouetting with poi. The example above of the whip catch would seem to be somewhere between double hard and hard. Can anyone do this?

Single throws with hand catches should be more possible I recon. It's possible that a double throw with hand catches is easier clap.

I'm going to try all this out tonight and report back any interesting findings. Any ideas would be good.


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if you'd like to watch a video for ideas, spinach sessions has some of this brand of spinny goodness on it.

number 1 i believe smile

..: here is a link to pip where the ss videos can be found :..

cole. x

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Cheers Cole, proves the principle.

I had to watch it a few times though because I kept looking at the flying poi which I don't think is the hard part frown

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