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well last sunday i was on the waterfront in plymouth with my mates watching them do poi... didnt even know what they were called lol but one of my mates let me have a go.. since then i have been seriously ADDICTED on tuesday and bought some tennis ball poi (i havnt been able to put the dam things down lol).. funny thing is since learning from scratch on tuesday i can:

- butterfly
- giant butterfly
- alternate butterfly
- overhead butterfly
- halo?
- 2 beat weave
- 3 beat weave
- 4 beat weave
- behind the back butterfly
- double body cross
- arm wrap

i know i have a certain talent for learning fast but my mate said this is riduculs lol **probably cause he cant btb butterfly to save his life**

just wondering now on how the hell to do a windmill??? also any other kewl stuff i can do..?


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Have a look at the free lessons on this site - there's a link up at the top. Other than that, read this forum, search for anything you're looking to learn if you know the name, and try and get to some of the meets in the events forum so you can learn off real life people biggrin

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Try Here

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Cheers people am reading this stuff and soaking up the knowlege lol... am currently in my room practicing the arm movements for the windmill and some wraps... will try moving onto flowers when i can link all my moves at the moment with a nice flow lol.. also nailed the transition between btb butterfly to normal and back lol *cheers*.


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James you are just learning ridiculously quickly >< stop showing meh up wink I wanan see you link em all biggrin

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You're all from Plymouth?!


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