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Hi there, just found sth very interesting...tigerhook swords!! (bender, where are you??)
Where can I get those?? AND, is there a video somewhere on the www with s.o. spinning them?? Any experience someone??
Will I have to go to a wushu school? wink
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I'm just having a pair of those made up by a trainee blade smith


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Pat the Badger and Bender both have a set that i have seen...
Check galleries...

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if someone is kind enough to give me some bandwidth, i'd love to post my practice footage... (acrobatic flips with double tigerhooks, linking-unlinking moves, leg sweeps..)

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If you want to buy a set of these swords, try here:
They have the swords you want, but also check out their weapon master kits- for a few bucks more, you get the weapon, along with a tape or DVD that teaches you basic moves.
Now mind you, this is an american site, so shipping internationally may get expensive- but you might find it worth the extra cost.

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