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Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

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Posted: dude, is that "real" fire?

so, i get that question a lot, along with:

can I touch the fire?
that's not dangerous. Its cold fire.
that stuff burns at a low temperature, right?
its all a trick.
you can't burn yourself with that.


so, other than the "here, feel them" response, what are some witty showman responses to this

i know there are two resonses:

No, its the canned kind.
No, we ran out of the hot fire, the cold stuffs all we have left.

that were posted on the Poi insult thread, but all you smart cookies must have more.

list any you've got here

Q:What's the difference between the Great Highland Bagpipes and the Northumbrian Pipes?
A:The Great Highland Pipes burn longer.

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