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Member Since: 2nd Dec 2004
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Posted:With all that is happening in SE Asia right now and the year 2004 finally winding down to a close, I've come to thinking. For everyone I know, all my friends and family, it seems that something has happened this year that has changed their lives totally.

I know people who have got totally different mindsets to how they started this year with, others have gotten sick to the extent of making them question their very lives, and I know people who have achieved things beyond anyones expectations of them.

It's probably just coincidence, and certainly a matter of individual perception, but has this year heralded any massive turning points for anyone else? Has something in 2004 changed your life significantly, or even insignificantly but still meaningfully?

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Xopher (aka Mr. Clean)
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Posted:Other than that I'm thinking of emigrating to Canada, no. But I saw that coming.

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Still wiggling
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Posted:I agree with Xopher. The reelection of Bush has changed all our lifes significantly, but I won't go down that road again.

I came home from travelling this year, and within a couple of weeks was even more determined to leave again as soon as possible. One of my best friends (we have a girly group of 5 - friends since primary school) got married.

But when I think back over the years, each one has something significant to mark it... that's life I guess.

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Posted:Yeah, for me, this year's been absolutely brilliant and has shaped me as a person, just from me sitting down somewhere and finally working out what I want to do.

This year has been very good for me. Next year will be even better.


old hand
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
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Posted:Good question Borath! This time of year always puts me in an introspective frame of mind...

'twas a big year for me actually. A friendship ended, I was laid-off and then the lay-off was rescinded but the experience made me question what I'm doing with my life, on the professional level, anyway. So I'm still in my old job but moonlighting in the field I'm contemplating going into.

The big watershed moment for me was, cliche as it may be in some circles, finally going to Burning Man after friends have been trying to get me to go for ten years. My experience there has led me to pick up poi, which in turn has led to new friendships and a new self-confidence. It (BM) also inspired me to create and mount a theme-camp for next year's event, which I'm doing with a core group of good friends. Also, I've discovered the Mayan calendar, and deepened my connection to the runes, which I've been reading for seventeen, almost eighteen years.

So major shifts have occured for me this year, professionally, emotionally, spiritually and artistically. This coming year is shaping up to be one of further development of what started this past year. I'm very stoked.

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Posted:I guess this years been pretty big. I left school so that was a big part of my life ended.
Unfortunately most of my year has been crappy (me and my friend both declared 2004 to be the worst year ever). A record number of my friends tried to commit suicide frown frown But on the up side they are all still alive so this year could have been alot worse.


Tao Star
Tao Star

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Posted:worst year of my life to date. but pretty life changing though i guess.

bad things change us too, i just hope i haven't gone all bitter and twisted!

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Pasta of Muppets
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Posted:Close family have died, taken up Poi, finally decided on my path in life, cars been wrecked (x2) terrible job, cant get out, all in all a bad but strengthening year...



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Posted:What doesn't kill you...

Bad shapes just as much as good does, perhaps even moreso as the lessons tend to be that much more profound.

This year was something of a domino effect for me. I started going down into a certain coffee shop my ex had introduced me to more frequently and subsequently fell in with some absolutely wonderful people. As of this year, I now have a stronger social circle, have started to take steps that I should have taken years ago but only now have the support to do so, and have Quix. Yes, all is good.

There have been major downs, yes, but I found they enhanced the good and made me appreciate them more. Still, I hope to have far fewer downs and a lot more ups next year. ^_^

So Happy New Year to everyone, and may it be the best yet.

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Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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Posted:I don't think anything specifially turned things around for me, but I got over my depression and my ex boyfriend and my ex best friend and all my false friends, found some new friends and am a much more confident person to what i was last year!

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Posted:I would think that every year my life is 'altered' - however I believe that nothing really changes a life ever (even if it contradicts the previous statement)...

Every year, people get born, stay healthy, get sick, marry, divorce, have an accident, meet a new person, give birth, become parents, adopt a child, get a new job, a promotion, loose their job, travel, start a new hobby, pick up drugs, quit smoking, kill themselves or simply stop watching the news...

Every year, countries go to war, make peace, have an election or any other significant change in agenda.

Really - to me every year so far has been as amazingly interesting and mind-blowing as the previous meditate

2004? I remember... ubbidea

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