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I have a video of the hyperloop stuff and this weave thing in a weird timing. It is syncopated...I want to see if anyone has done this stuff so that I may become more proficient in its execution...
The weave is double figure 8's moving in similar motion while arms are crossed (imagine the poi weave...instead of crosing wrists arms are completely crossed and intertwined) The next step would be alternating the arms crossing....i.e. crossing left over right immeadiately after right over left...the video is a bit sloppy ( I just figured this out) but perhaps you all have some suggestions/insight...maybe you are already doing this...I have not seen it on vid yet...I still need somewhere to post videos...and I will gladly do so if there is any interest..,

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Yes shivasirons,

Id certainly like to see a proper 3-beat weave done with staves, as Ive heard so much about this fabled move but never seen anyone actually do it.

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Yo shivasirons

Sounds like some stuff ive been playing with recently - 3 beat weave is easy with staffs, much as it is poi - 4beats i think can be done but you need to turn or dislocate your arm to pull it off wink

Ive been playing with cross the body thread needle thingy, alternat edirections and lots of crossy arm business, if you need a bit of space to stick up a vid let me know as we have some here

Id like to see these hyperloop thingies to see if its the same thing biggrin

Keep up the work ubbrollsmile

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Would love to see any of these moves you guys are talking about. I wanna learn more!! Keep up the good work guys.


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