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Posted:Last night I turned on MTV for the first time in ages and the show 'True Life: I'm Backpacking Through Europe' was on. Considering Im planning to travel Europe next spring, I watched it. Cameras followed two girls around as they spent a month in Europe. Most of what I saw was just them smutting around trying to sleep with foreign guys. But there was one point when they ran out of money somewhere in Spain I think and it just so happened they were near someone who was busking with Fire Poi. The clip of the spinner was fairly short lived but it turns out, one of the girls is an avid devil sticker so she dropped hat and spun stick for a while. They made about 13 bucks in an hour which seems pretty poor to me but I found it interesting at least. It got me really excited and anxious to do the same next year. I cant wait. Anyone else see this show by chance?

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Posted:i didn't see the show, but i always associate spain with Poi, I get the impression it's quite popular there... my friend bought her first Fire Poi in Barcelona after seeing spinners there, and when i went to same region there were a fair few people around on the beach and such, spinning - although having said that it was also during a festival... busking could probably be quite successful but you'd have to make sure no-one nearby was having a bit of a spin themselves or they might steal your thunder!

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