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Posted:At Falmouth, someone mentioned (can't remeber who) that poi spinners either fall into the category of Geek (possably nerd) or Hippy.
So what one do you fall into??


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Posted:i be a geek to!!!but to be honest im not a very good geek, i cant figure out computers or anything, maybe im just a nothing *cries*


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Posted:*runs over to comfort poidie* hugdon't worry the definition of a geek doesn't depend on computer skills alone. I was really geeky for years and never even knew BASIC programming

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Posted:id suppose i would be classified like this 30% geek 20% hippy 50% pryromaniac

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Posted:happy burfday Ifrit!

but huuuuuuum i dont reali think im a hippie, nor a a bit of a wierdo tho i know that much!

raver/skater/mosher/pyro/petrol head....nah i dunno what i am reali!

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Posted:lol, for the last week iv had the work gippy going round and round in my head!

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