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Posted:What was the last illegal thing that you did, in the eyes of the law, not in your opinion?

I walked out with a book today. I meant to pay for it, got to talking and goofing off and forgot to pay. Problem is, it was at work.
A) Do I keep my mouth shut?
B) Ring myself up a phantom sale for the price of the book and risk getting caught?
C) Tell the truth and get fired? (and I would)

It was a few dollars which comes with a fine and community service. When I polled my friends, they all told me to keep my mouth shut and make a dontion to an animal charity for the price of the book (cause it was about animals).

I think that theft is the most major crime I have ever committed....unless we count the many possibly counts of indecent exposure but those are stories for another time!

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Posted:Me and my friends had just come back from an awesome wee road trip and on the way home we thought we'd stop off and pick up some pot from the local was quick was was me who went it...and as we drove off we get pulled over by the fucking pigs!....they go...we are pulling you over for the underinvestigationg 5647 something..blah blah..they pint pointed me as being the one to go in...took the pot...took me to the cop house in their car, strip searched me..treated me like shit...watched me go to the BATHROOM, finger printed me..went to court the next week...then had to go to the diversions officer..who told me I was a CRIMINAL...MY FRIENDS WERE CRIMINALS...and basically used the word almost every 25 hours community service....and don't worry I did stick up for my pot smoking rights and said just because i smoke pot..DOES NOT MAKE ME A CRIMINAL!!!! DON'T YOU GUYS HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO WASTE TAXES ON......LIKE I DON'T KNOW...PUT MORE EFFORT INTO FINDING THE MURDERERS OF MISSING PEOPLE...OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!



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Posted:I got a wee bit drunk on Fri night and practiced staff naked on an oval in western Sydney .

I was still in controll of enough neurones that i didn't use real fire, so I didn't get burnt or attract undue attention to myself.

He He

Oh and I J walked last week. I am such a rebel

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Posted:The last illegal thing I did was smoke a joint abut 10 mins ago, before I came in through the door of where i work. I break the law everyday, and so do more or less everyone I know. Pele - If this is the most illegal thing you've ever done, then "bless ya child for yo alone is going to heaven".
Most people break the law everyday, whether it's breaking the speed limit (obviously, "wrecklessly endagering the lives of 5 year olds who run out in front of cars"), or smoking grass (which is "mindlessly addicting your body to harmful substances with blatant disregard for those that love you", apparently). Buying cigarettes underage, dropping litter, kicking your neighbours cat. Whether intentional or not, whether you beleive you're at fault, or whether the law is wrong. As long as you can live with yourself, and you don't intentionally cause harm to others then chill out lots.........
If the love, friendship and happiness you give to others has outweighed the fuck ups you cause over the course of your life (and no-one's perfect), and by your own standards you are at peace with yourself, then u will have led a good life.

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Posted:~Bends powerful, omnipotent and unfailingly logical brain upon the problem...~

(That bit was a joke, btw!).

Well, Pele, the way I see this one is that your work has a stupid policy that would get you sacked for what was a mistake. IMHO, that's a draconian and unreasonable punishment and to be honest, it's your work's loss that they have such stupid rules which effectively prevent you from owning up to a mistake (and I don't just mean the loss they've made on the book you walked out with). So that counts out option 3.

Ringing up a phantom sale runs the risk of getting caught, with presumably the same consequences as option 3. I would probably do this if I thought the risk of getting caught was very low. If there was a significant risk of getting caught then that counts out option 2 on the same grounds as option 3. Which leaves option 1. And if it assauges your conscience, then donate to an animal charity, or work a small amount of unpaid overtime if you feel the need to repay the business itself.

Well, I know exactly when I broke the law last, too. It was yesterday when I fare dodged on the way home. I am fortunate to live in the one part of London with no gates on the underground, so I have the opportunity to reduce the exhorbitant fares we're expected to pay - in my case, 1.20 for 3 stops. I figure I'm willing to pay about 90p for that distance, so I pay the full fare in the morning and fare dodge those afternoons that I don't get a lift home - which makes the fare average out at 90p. I don't know if it's morally right or wrong to do that, but I do it anyway.

It strikes me as a bit like the pot issue - normally law abiding people break the law when the law (or fare!) is deemed unreasonable... and when that happens over and over again, surely that's as good an argument as any to change the law?!


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Posted:Can you not sneak the book back to work, leave it there for a while, then buy it?

As long as no-one sees you taking the book out of a bag, then you can just say that you're having a quick look before you buy it.
There'll be no phantom sales and no-one else will know what happened so there's minimal risk of getting caught.
Since the penalty for being caught is so severe though, I'd be tempted to just keep the book and take a couple of the other suggestions - do a little unpaid overtime or donate the money to a charity.

I can't remember the last time I broke a law, mainly because it was probably something relatively petty, like driving slightly too fast or forgetting to do something. I tend to completely miss stuff like that until someone reminds me.
Plus, when most of my life at the moment is just going to work and back, I don't really get much chance.

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But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:I have only commited minor felonies, I wont say what because the wrong person sees this bye bye rank. I can get into a world or shit if I the wrong person knew. I didnt steal anything but none the less still could get into trouble.

That wasnt directed at Pele, Pozee might know what I mean by the stealing comment but as for you all (the rest of the world) ya dont need to know.

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Posted:Don't get me started on the list of minor crimes I have commited

You. Its whats for dinner!

As time passes, you realise all the mistakes you amde and the ones you wish you never did make.

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Posted:Hmmmmm, I haven't done anything illegal for a long time............. Bout time I did me thinks.

Perhaps we should start a new thread called "All the things Dibs could do to break the law". Answers on a postcard please......

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Posted:illegal things:
smoked pot, did shrooms, did some other stuff
speeded down a backroad doing 115 in my litle car
hmm, nothin else really

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Posted:I have never done anything illegal in my life That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Pele honey, my advice would be to just forget about the book. It was an accident as you say and it would be silly to run the risk of getting fired for the sake of an accident. Unless of course your consience wouldn't be able to cope, then you could do the whole fake sale thing.

Bad Karma for stealing only happens when it's deliberate (IMHO) so you have no worries there.

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Posted:Pele, couldn't you just go and say that you accidentally walked out with a book that you meant to pay for and that you want to pay for it?

I once walked out of a store with something that I hadn't paid for by accident. I went back the next day and told the clerk what I had done and asked to pay for it. The manager was standing there and overheard it and said that he was so impressed by my honesty (I had gone all the way back to the store the next day) that he told me that it was mine, free of charge. I think it was a bottle of Calamine lotion or something.

Is your boss such a jerk that he'd fire you (and book you) over an honest mistake like that? If so, then I agree with Sepa. Screw him. Don't pay for the book. He's asking for it.

I have no use for people who can't exercise a bit of lenience in an honest mistake when nobody is hurting anyone else and there's no malicious intent.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:argh mike, if only every boss was nice and kind like that. This exact thing happened to my mate at work (okay sod it, it was me)i walked out with a cd i meant to pay for after my shift.

I brought it back the next day, went to my manager and took it out my bag, said "look i'm really sorry, i didnt realise. I'm going to buy it anyway, so u know just put it thru the till for me please..."

saw manager's face "Why didnt you call the shop when you realised?"

"umm, i dont have the number."

(this is the best bit)

"okay, so you dont have our number but you have our property???"

argh argh argh! so the evil bitch charged me for it and docked it again out of my wages. Wish id kept my mouth shut now, evil people dont deserve nice people...

BUT speaking of this subject, i have got a funny for you.

At work on saturday, this italian lady had her mobile phone cemented to her ear and was holding a cd in her hand. I'd been watching her cos the mad banshee was shouting so much. After about ten mins i saw her go to walk out the door without paying, still chatting away.

I ran up to her, took away the cd and said " you havent paid, had on..."

cold glare from her, she took the cd and continued her conversation inside the store. Then she tried it again!!!!

Alarms start blaring off (and i mean really loud alarms that if they dont get turned off straight away, the police turn up!)so i try to get her to move. She doesnt hear the alarms, stands inbetween the detectors and tries to "shoo" me away. I'm spitting nails by now, desperatly trying to get her inside or the cd out of her hand or least out of the FUCKING alarm detector and shes thinking "who is this crazy english bint?"

oh man, finally security pull her back, order her to hang up her phone and then she blames ME for all of it, saying i didnt make myself clear! Hallo, if she'd bloody removed her precious phone for a second.

However, personally, and rather cynically i reckon she was trying to nick the cd anyways but got caught. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

vic xx

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the mind gap.

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Posted:well i've just got back down south to look after my parents' house in a field near sleepy salisbury so there's not much chance to break laws here. today i think i've only managed 4:
1. smoked grass,
2. harvested and smoked opium from the garden,
3. broken a few local speed limits,
4. driven whilst under the influence of no.1.

i think that's all but i've been drinking scrumpy for the last 6 hours so i might have forgotten 1 or 2.

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Posted:I sneak into the movies without paying whenever I go. Frankly I don't feel like this is stealing cause they've raised the prices for movies by about 4-5 dollars in the last 2-3 famous players is buying up all the independent cinemas so your basically forced to go to their cinemas to see a it's their fault for making the theaters so big that it's easy to sneak in...and like any of the employees care since they're all 15 and barely getting minimum wage!

Okay I'm being a blame shifter I know...but meh..what can you do when you live in a shoe?!?

Pele-I say keep it and just think of it as a probably deserve one anyways

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Posted:Illegal things:

Rode a bus without a ticket
Rode tram in melbourne without ticket
Occasional minor speeding thingy (never dramatically over)
I'm a bad, bad girl
Pele, it sounds like what you did was entirely unintentional. I wouldn't ring up the phantom sale, but I would maybe think about replacing the book on the shelf when no one is looking. And then buying it Your friends suggestion about the donation is also good.

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Posted:Dressed up as a nun and sold crack to preschoolers.

Does anyone want to talk about my last london house-party?

Pele, if you're having a moral dilemma about a mistake, you're truely one of the few 100% pure honest people left in the world. Most people either cheat on their taxes or smoke pot, or both!

My advice is to bring it back the same as you took it out, and replace it

Baring that, just remember.. 'its only illegal if they catch you'

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Posted:Ok the last illegal thing that I did, and got caught for was help put on a beautiful psychedelic trance dance party in a most wonderful pine forest and experienced an amazing night with some great people and a fantastic community party vibe….but we forgot to tell the ranger about it :opps:

So the morning comes of what was a most fantastic party, we had partygoers help us hall up the generator, PA, speakers everything. The vibe was wonderful, despite some group negativity. We had made enough money in donations to cover the exact cost of the party, which was wonderful.

Josh and another member were taking back the generator and the PA and stuff, 3 others and myself were left to pack the dcor and gear in the morning. At about 11am…low and behold a very red faced angry ranger with a plumpish police officer come yelling at us “what the HELL did we think we were doing!” gave us an ol’ mighty lecture, and said they would be back in a few hours to serve a summons.

They came back, different cop, same Ranger. I had a chat to the ranger while he was taking my name down, his hands were shaking and he looked very stressed. He couldn’t spell my last name or my street name, after trying a number of time to spell it out to him, and him still having trouble writing it, eventually I said to him, give me your book and I will write it down for you. He had a number of different charges that he wanted to do us for, they included:, staying overnight in a forest without permission, organising an event without permission, breaking and damaging forestry property (we cut a lock, so party goers could have a parking space, without the risk of being run over), having a generator in the forest – fire risk… and a whole bunch of other charges that he could try and think up.

Was a pretty sorry day for us, we (well I was) a bit scared that I was going to have massive fines that I wouldn’t be able to pay or worse some sort of criminal record. Anyway a few weeks later we got our fines, we only got charged with “staying in a forest overnight without permission”, but each of us were charged with that, coming to a total that strangely enough was the exact amount our donations made. The party ended up costing us a fair amount of money, but hell it was worth it. I still have the fine. I think I might frame it. It was a great/scary/stressful/amazing/tiring experience but certainly one I will learn from.

I guess the worst thing was it was the most amazing party that people had seen here for ages, and as always the cops/authority figure comes and busts you up, and says “No fun for young people rahhh” …very annoying but what can you do…

To anyone reading this who came to the party, thanks for your support, we greatly appreciate it and hope that you had a wonderful time.

Love and Light

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Katinca:
[QB]I guess the worst thing was it was the most amazing party that people had seen here for ages, and as always the cops/authority figure comes and busts you up, and says “No fun for young people rahhh” …very annoying but what can you do…
Uhm, you didn't follow procedure. Next time go along with their rules. Heck, invite the ranger to the party so he can witness himself.
As for a generator, back up a car and keep it in the trunk of that or use the car itself. These aren't difficult things to deal with.
They are not "out to get you" they're just doing their job. If they were you'd have all of the offenses on your list. It sounds like no harm was done so they went easy on you. Enjoy their mercy and play by the rules next time.

So what have I done that's most illegal?
I guess it's the mary-jane I smoke during college. I think that would get me the most time. (In the U.S. you serve more time for drugs than for murder. )
The worst to me was the shop-lifting I did during 8th grade. I think it was an attention getter and I was testing things. Grew out of it and now I'm a respectable member of society.

FYI: I am not Pele. If you wish to reply to me and use a short version of my name, use: PWB.

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Posted:Pele, I applaud the fact that you care about what you did even if it was a mistake. LOL It's cute.

OK I've been arrested for skateboarding in a public place and I have been pulled over for a in a canoe up in New Hampshire, USA.

*readers digest version*
I went to the Art Institute back in the 80's and I was going home from class with my camera bag and riding my skateboard. I was stopped by a cop and told that what I was doing was against the law. The cop wanted my skateboard and camera bag. I promptly told him to "F" himself. To make a long story short. 8 hours later they asked if I wanted to "make my phone call" to call someone to come pick me up. I was arrested for skateboarding in a public place and resisting arrest and causing a public disturbance.

As for a canoe...My and a buddy from High School went canoeing and decided to get REALLY stoned and then paddle around for a while. We proceeded to tried to paddle back to shore and in the process were stopped by a park ranger who ticketed us for "having insufficient flotation devices".
My bud Todd's parents laughed at us for hours.
And I quote "Only you two idiots could get a 75$ ticket in a canoe!"

Blessings to all,
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Posted:Well, I've committed a number of drug offenses, some of them felonies (I biked around for a very brief time [a few minutes] with 40 hits of acid in my backpack). Never got caught, though. Pot and mushrooms and all that good stuff, too. Underage drinking, purchasing alcohol for a minor, yadda yadda.

One ticket for turning right with a no turn on red sign that I didn't see.

One ticket for 80 in a 65 mph zone (I was never going faster than 73 and was being passed on both sides at the time I was nabbed). One ticket, in the same incident, for not having a California license plate (Michigan car, Michigan plate, but that's illegal in CA...messed up, huh?) Judge didn't fine me for the license plate.

And that same cop gave me a ticket for driving without a license. Now, I had my Michigan license on me, but apparently California, in direct violation of the Full Faith and Credit clause in the U.S. Constitution, has decided that the licenses from other states are not valid in CA. It's a misdimeanor and, what's more, has a mandatory sentencing law on it so that the judge can't drop it to an infraction. So I had to plead guilty, and I was fined...ready for this? ten dollars. So I do have a criminal record and I will have to disclose this when I go to apply for residencies. I doubt anyone will care.

And despite the fact that I didn't have a CA driver's license, they let me take traffic school and get the speeding ticket written off so that it wasn't reported to insurance.

Lessee...other illegal things I've done and not been caught at: trespassing (sneaking into hot tubs, etc.), shoplifting (accident, like Pele's, but I went back and paid for it), etc.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:PWB and anyone else you is interested – we wouldn’t have been able to do the party if we had asked. We knew that was the risk. That’s why we didn’t tell them. The party was at the bottom of a valley, and the generator didn’t fit in a car, it was too big. We researched the hell out of the best way to do the party, which is why we cut the lock to make it safer for people to park, had free drinking water, KESAB bins, fire extinguishes…all sorts of precautions.

The ranger said that even if we had asked him, that there was no way in hell he would have said yes. And he said it was lucky that he didn’t catch us yesterday. Although he then also congratulated us on the spot we had chosen, and said it was perfect for what we wanted too do, since no-one could hear the sound as we were at the bottom of a valley. He did however, say we would have been allowed to “possibly” do a party after fire season and will all the public liability insurance. BUT because of stupid fucking insurance companies and frauds trying to fraught the system, public liability insurance is ridiculous. If we did do it by the “legal” methods then we would have had a gate and tickets saying 30-40 bucks entry maybe more just to cover some stupid wanker who takes too many drugs on the night, freaks out and believes he is spider man, climbs and tree then believes he’s superman and tries to fly. I really think people should be responsible for themselves, yes you were just standing there and a speaker stack fell on you, then ok I as the event organizer would be liable. Although I don’t think I am liable for Mr. Idiot who can’t even drink a cup of coffee without spilling it on themselves and burning themselves. There really needs to be a clear cut line, it’s getting worse and worse. I think if we had done it by the “legal” means we would have had to charge people a small fortune for Mr. Idiot and then we would have lost the community. Which we worked so hard for by saying come and enjoy a FREE party, if you really like it and had a great time we would appreciate a donation. Instead of its going to cost you 40 bucks to come to our party.

We did discuss it for a very long time, and thought thoroughly of the consequences, and we decided to do it illegally and see if we could get away with it, because we wanted to have a party the people really enjoyed and was free, and nice vibe feeling, not where people were like well I paid fuckin’ 40 bucks for this show, where’s this where’s that…..which does happen as soon as a hefty door charge is given.

Basically you can’t do a small community party in a forest, unless it’s illegal. There is way too much red tape money and authority figures involved otherwise. Also as soon as you say Dance party, authority figures are like “oh big drug party, no fucking way kiddo” I am really sick of the media and small narrow minded people associating any “dance party” with drugs. Yes I admit there are people who take drugs at them, but we do not no where near condone taking drugs at the parties, nor do we ever or would ever think of selling drugs at a party. We just want to listen to our music on a REALLY big system, hang out with our friends, enjoy a beautiful forest, and enjoy everyone’s company there, and have a good time. It was most definitely a community thing for everyone there.

I understand the Ranger was doing his job, he was actually quite a pleasant man, and I would think that he was very annoyed that we put on a party for 300 people right under his nose, and a bit afraid because he had never dealt with something like that before. But you know what, no one got hurt, everyone looked after each other. People had a great time, got to look and love the forest. Many people have since said they go back to that place to remember the night and the great time they had. People got to meet other like minded people etc…etc.. it was truly a community event. I am just sad that *real* community things that happen such as this can be totally messed up, twisted by legal red tape, and narrow minded people who think all dance parties are raves, where all people do it get totally off chops – ok given in some cases, but not all….its just sad, because it means events such as our party which was fabulous just don’t happen.

Anyway it was way worth it… and I would do it again too… except if I do I would get a HUGE fine as they already have my details….

Sorry bit of a rant there. Basically we did it as an illegal party because the party that we produced wouldn’t have been able to be produced any other way.

“You’re responsible for the predictable consequences of Your are not responsible for the predictable consequences of someone else’s actions. What can *you* effect!”

Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~