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Hmm.. confused

Loving buzzsaw weaves at the moment and look great with isolated weaves. BUT..

Butteryfly Buzzsaw weave? confused

I've heard about this move but no ones ever shown me one and it seems impossible (They all do until someone shows you). biggrin

How does this work? eek

It just seems a big tangle. If anyone can show me I'll come and visit you and observe. biggrin

Like a buzzsaw weave I try to bring the poi in between my arms like a buzzsaw weave but in butteryfly. It just tanlges.

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if you read the thread "inverted weaves, insides" or something like that.. its being discussed..

also there's a thread called "butterfly weirdness" on spherc that kinda tangents into that at the end..

see with inverted weaves there's a crossed and uncrossed versions... the uncrossed versions.. are relatively simple.. you should find references to those as well in the above threads.. the crossed ones are a different story..

what I do is pretty close.. but I'm not sure how close..

I'll explain some hand motions..
first if you put your right wrist on top of your left wirst.. and roll a forward buzzsaw, you kinda get the idea of the basic principal.. you just need to expand it a little with body movement and timing.. and what happens is the right hand comes over the left and the poi comes up in the buzzsaw, as its going over the left arm, the left arm should aslo pass through the buzzsaw... coming over the left arm... and voila you ahve half a 4bt ttn...

now if you do a forward butterfly on the right side.. you can go into the inverted weave jsut as you would with a normal weave.. and use the motion above... bring the right ahnd over the left and up into the buzzsaw.. the left hand is going to swing through the buzzsaw as well and you end up in a rev ttn on the left side..

to help illustrate this hand motion... put you right wrist on top of your left wrist.. now do the same forward buzzsaw type spin you did above, but as you do bring it over your left shoulder.. this is not the exact motion.. but pretty close... getting the planes clean enough is a pain.. I have short poi and I still hit my arms alot.. so you end up having to use body movement and timing to help add clearance..

I have some clips that will get posted tomorrow.. I was hoping to make some cleaner ones.. but socks don't spin as clean as sticks..

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