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Was just replying on the devil stick with staffs thread with a compleatly insanely diffcult move which i'll probably never get and it got me thinking it's far easier to come up with creative staff moves when you don't need to worry about the constrants of not being perfect.

one i was trying the other day untill realising that i didn't stand a hope in hell of pulling it off is doulbe staffs contact at the same time. from spining both backwards place one on your elbow which then does elbow, back of the hand, back of hand, elbow at the same time place the other under the armpit and do shoulder, neck, shoulder.

a single staff which would probably look pretty stupid if you ever did get it is from spinning forwards with the right hand spin under the right leg and place it on the knee, roll it onto the foot (abit like elbow to back of the hand contact) then do 2 fishtails with the right foot kick it up in front of you into 2 fishtails with the left foot and finally roll it up onto the left knee.

right that should be enough to keep you busy for the next few hours.

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

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That single staff one don't look stupid at all (not from my angle anyway)

(starting from the left) Leg to foot to forward fishtail- fine
kick up to swap foot- also fine, but it's easier to start a foot fishtail on the side the leg you're fishtailing on is, if you see what i mean, so turning 180 degrees during the swap, and making the second two fishtails reverse ones on the other side of your body is better. Or you could only do a half fishtail.
fishtail to knee- easy from a reverse fishtail, freaking hard from forwards... another reason to turn around. to do it forwards you have to mostly turn around anyway, and extend the leg the staffs on behind you and kick up so the end catches under your knee.

more insanity:

(wall plane, spinning clockwise in the right hand. staff dosn't stop or change direction)
throw the staff under your right leg
kick back up with the left foot
catch on the right foot, and kick back up
catch the staff from under your right leg

involves four foot changes. there's an easier practice one with only two, start by throwing under the left leg, left foot kick to right foot, catch under the right leg.

real insanity:

(helicopter, spinning clockwise in the right hand as you look down at it.)
drop the staff on to the right foot.
extend right leg so staff can roll across the side of your foot,
hook leg so staff can roll onto your heel, and make sure the end dosn't hit the left leg on the way through.
with the staff between you legs, kick the staff to your left heel. (do a heel click if you're feeling like it. you'll probably have to do something to get the right leg out of the way anyway, may as well make it fancy.)
extend the left leg so the staff can roll around the side of the left foot,
kick up into the left hand.

and the easier practice version:
(helicopter, spinning clockwise in the right hand as you look down at it.)
drop onto right foot.
extend leg so staff rolls around the side of the foot.
kick staff to side of left foot (nothing fancy here).
extend left leg to bring staff around to toes.
kick up into left hand.

Nothing to most of them... all the individual parts are doable, it's just hard to string them all together and not look like a bouncing goon.


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Tim ...

... you are insane wink But will give it a go tonite nevertheless (am insane too) ..
Have had some success with the overthehead 5beat thread the needle with doubles tho - i reckon with a bit of practice it's doable!

See you laters,

P.S. Not sure if'll make it to the ejc at all now frown angry ubbcrying cos buses are all booked up, especially on way back & i just cant afford to be at all late for my flights.. Maybe by train but v. expensive and awkward & uncertain again - will have a think and see ..

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