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Posted:Hey everyone,
Well it's 3 in the morning, but I just had to share this!

I danced since I was 4 years old...ballet, modern, jazz, point and allegro, company, name it. 20-25 hours a week (when we didn't have a show to rehearse for) I was in the studio. However, last year, I was seriously injured (again) in a soccer game, and was told I wasn't allowed to dance at my level ever again. I haven't danced a step since. I didn't think i'd ever find something that I loved quite so much. Then I started spinning and quickly became addicted. Whereas I used to dance to balence myself, now I can spin.

Anyway, I went out at about 12:30 tonight to 'play' and decided that I wanted to be able to spin and move around at the same time as i'm pretty stationary when I spin now. So, I decided i'd just do a couple of basic ballet/jazz moves while spinning. Before I knew my head was flying with ideas! Corkscrew's go well with pirouettes, ancle wraps above my head (grande battment), chenne turns and 360 chase the sun...oh the possibilities!!!!

I'm picking up a recreational dance class as soon as I get to TO and hopefully will be looking into choreographing a some poi/ballet/lyrical pieces. My two loves, married so wonderfully! It's been a beautiful discovery.

Any other dancers out there??? Anyone else have a similar experience putting poi together with something else???

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Posted:I know the feeling your going though... Beinging the only guy in dance class when I was in school... mock if you wish... but think... only guy with girls... and you said oh the possibilities!!!!... your feet find places to jump... skip... roll... it's magic... However I'm sorry to hear that you can't do the dance you used to love... but I'm thankful you found a new love...


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Posted:i once comically combined irish dance with staff in a kind of versus tournament. My feet tapped out a rhythem that the staff either mocked or copied. was fun

also, i do staff on roller blades. Used to figreu skate so thats not hard really.

i know how you feel about losing something you love. I wasnt at ur standard (though i did get to world championship finals)at irish, but fractured my spine and was told those ominous words "you'll never dance the same again"...

eugh... shivers

vic xx

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