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why aren't there more colors for the 6" glowsticks? I've seen orange ones and yellow ones. and what happened to the green ones? if you ran out why don't you restock?

and why don't you store packs of necklace glowsticks? (like boxes\tubes of 50 or 100)

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(psst: because this is home of poi, not kiddie goth raver central dot net)

and you can pick up the green ones from wal-mart anyway ;]

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wal-mart's in america, I'm in israel.

besides, necklace glowsticks can be used for staff.

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you gotta point poi boi. thing is if you want lots of glow stuff there are plenty of websites which specialise in it. try searching on google... wink

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Maybe it was just the glowsticks that they had at the time, but when I bought a set of 10 glowsticks from HOP, I was extremely disappointed. The part where you connect your string/chain/whatever to the glowstick was flimsy and snapped within 10 minutes of spinning. Anyone know if they changed model? The one that I had looked like a hollowed out "T"

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I wouldnt buy glowsticks from here. Not that HoP stuff is bad, there are just better/cheaper places to get chemical lighted stuff.

Also, glowsticks and especially glow necklace/bracelets go bad after sitting too long. If they're too old, they will die out really fast once cracked or sometimes not even glow at all. Id feel better about buying from an actual glowstick website since their sticks are probably a bit more fresh.

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Hey POI BOI, check your PM box! I sent you some info you may be interested in!

He he he, the thing about necklaces reminded me of back when I was a silly raver who liked to do drugs and look at glow thingies spank ubbloco One night, we tied all these different colored bracelets to strings with glow sticks and other little flashy light thingies and spun them around my friends apartment until we had broken all the flashy toys several times, as well as most of the dishes in the room ubblol

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