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Posted:Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has been to/lives in Bankok as my bro is over there at the mo and would like to know of some stuff that there is to do in and around there. Any Help much appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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Posted:I was there 20 years ago, so I doubt anything I remember about it is relevant any longer. . .


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Posted:My father is over there right now. He likes to hike so hes been to some interesting places especially this one waterfall i think its one of the prettiest places there. when he was in thailand last i saw a picture and it was magnificent. Um you should tell your brother to check out the various shrines statues and even the ceremonies they perform over there. From pictures it seemed to be a very beautiful place with lots of exciting things to see. I remember one picture of a 25 foot tall ornate gold budha statue and another where the whole side of a rock cliff was one big budha shrine. If he just looks around there is tons to do and lots of nice people. I've talked to people over the web via webcam and they were very friendly. Well tell him to have a good time and if he says an American guy with hair about down to his shoulders say hi (that would be my dad) I hope he has a wonderful time.

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Posted:Poibox in currently living in Bangkok. Bang him a pm.

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