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Posted:I heard from a friend there was a fire dancer from new zealand on elimidate shown here in the states last night. anyone see this? who was it?Vlad

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Posted:I saw it in re-run when I was told she was on it. She is one of those people that I cringe when I see in the media, because she is one of the ones who goes "Hehe, look I am on tv! See what I can do hehe" without anything real backing it up. Not because lack of skill, which was rudimentary and not yet developed but could be in time, but it was the typical "I am going to throw myself at this man, make him watch me spin cause I'm so sexy, flaunt my boobs and be a bimbette" mentality that prevails on these shows that was irritating.After all of the wonderfully intelligent and creative people I have met in spinning, on this board and off, it is horrible to think that there are people out there like her putting into the public media that every female spinner they come across is going to be like that...and unfortunately, that type of gross generalization does happen (look at ravers).Anyway, didn't finish watching the show so I don't know if her fire flaunting actually worked.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...http://www.pyromorph.com

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Posted:Plus, not to be rude or anything, but she was a little to "Feel the universal energies flow through you mind and soul as the goddess embraces you". Which is cool and all, just coupled with her voice and general attitude made her kind of annoying. Oh yeah, she got eliminated after trying to bless him or something. ------------------Ambiguous[This message has been edited by Jello (edited 28 March 2002).]

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