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Posted:I have recently joined a troupe that plans on doing shows and events. The main problem we're having is trying to figure out how much to charge for performances. Between the lot of us, we pretty much have all the bases covered on fire arts. I know this is a sore subject to some, because many don't charge for performances(honestly, I've done many shows without charging). I also know that people charging $ think that they're being undermined when someone doesn't charge.So, I really just need to know the 'going rates' for performances and if it differs with the different arts. EX: If a performance included poi, staff, & fire eating, would you charge more for that than one with only poi & staff?Help!!!!!FyreKat

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Posted:There have been lots of threads on this in the past Fyrekat, although I thiunk this one is the most useful of all of them. it gives a good range of ideas and options. my opinion, always charge higher if in doubt. Lower chargers make people think you are less professional... In my opinion of course.Cheers------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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Posted:I am inclined to agree with Charles. It is better to bid high, and then if you need to negotiate down a little. I was once told by a producer, always figure out your cost, then what you want to make, and add on a little negotiation buffer past that. Works for me so far!You will see, we all have different formula's for figuring out what we charge. In the end the trend is nothing less than $150/hour for one person for whatever your base show may be.I do tack on charges for different components and such. Close proximity fire arts are more dangerous than spinning, so of course I charge a bit more for those. If they want me to come and spin as a backdrop, that is one price. If they want me to come and put on a full out theatrical event, that is another. Don't lock yourself into any set fees. Determine what your basic costs are and go from there. Best case they give you what you ask for, no questions. Worst case, they get what they pay for, not from you and you get a better paying gig and a nice reputation.Best of luck!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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