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i've been not smoking(anything) for ten days now after 11 years of pretty regular joint-age... and have been getting serious headaches for the past few days..

it has been suggested to me that this is directly related... any thoughts?


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theres a flip side to that coin though. i cant really understand how people can go through there life totally sober and normal.

::raises hand quietly:: I've been drunk only once, under experimental conditions (me, a friend, some tequila shots, and a dvd of Boondock Saints). Don't intend to repeat the experience. I've never been high on anything else. Never smoked a cigarette - hate the smell. Tried weed once, barely, got a mildly pleasant headache, decided it wasn't worth bothering with.

And I have a lot of fun in my life. ubbloco

Not that all of you should necessarily go straight-edge. Just sayin' it's a good sort of lifestyle, too. Not as dull as you might expect.

im sorry i think my point was lost on you. i certainly wasnt saying that you cannot have fun sober.

I interpreted you as saying that you don't think a completely sober life, or a completely high life, would be fulfilling, and that it's best to have both. If I was wrong, what did you mean? smile

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i think its best for each person to do whatever they feel is comfortable for themselves. Of course that approach isn't best when someone can't find the right balance and does something too much. Balance and moderation is the key thing i think (that applies for just about everything ever really biggrin )

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that particular post was only a response to the one above it. stateing that of course that person does not understand how people become addicted to things because he has never tried them. it has nothing to do really with the way i think anyone else should live there life. personally i dont care what anyone else does. for me yes a balance of both makes me happy. i find drugs to be a mind opening and spiritual experience. that does not mean that i think drugs make me more happy then i could normally be. its just a different kind of happiness. i was not saying that you cannot have fun without them which is what your post kinda portrayed me as saying in my opinion.

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