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argh, it was at my homecoming dance a couple weeks ago, and me and Hitokage are like the sole twirlers at our school, and the dj had just put on the first techno song of the night that was worth twirling too, so i got out and snapped my sticks and started to twirl, and about two rotations into my weave, my freaking glowstick flies off my string, it hadnt hit anyhting it just flew off, the plastic loop at the top had just broken right through, luckily didnt hit anyone, but it sailed into the far reaches of the dance floor never to be seen again, and i was in a freaking groove too, i could feel it, i was in rare form, and i didnt get to do anyhtign, argh, sorry, i had to vent, it was frusterating to just sit there through a good song and not be able to twirl and watch my friend do absolutely nasty, ugh, anyways, i just needed to vent that, im ok now, there will be other dancesMoral: dont buy cheap glowsticks, of the brand "Part-Glow" just cause theyre on the clearance rack of the local supermarket and you want to save a few bucks, or pounds or francs, depending on which side of the atlantic youre from, or any other form of currency for that matter, and yeah i is babbling, ill shut up now...

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they weren't called tekno twirlers were they?blah
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