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Ok, the liberal web has been ablaze with stories about an execution camp planned at the US's camp delta in guatanamo bay. I spent awhile tracing sources, and they all seem to go back to news.com.au or Australia's print newspaper The Herald Sun, which feeds the above mentioned news site. So, one source. Basically, this raises the question of legitimacy and if we can even find out about it. There's no way American or British news sources would easily get such information in print whether or not it is true, but to have just one news source in Australia come up with it is interesting. Did someone get an inside scoop? An inside supposition? Or bullshit? There's no good way to tell, and it wouldn't surprise me any which way, but I was wondering what you guys thought- and what the chances are of anyone finding out if it is true in the near future (next few years).

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Heh it is definatly true. Why don't you check cnn, msnbc etc.. Army and government officials made several statements about this.

All they are doing is setting up the place so it's suitable to execute the terrorists. They said they were doing this all along, I find it funny once they start construction everyone suddenly forgets about everything the government previously said. The location is a good place to carry out the death sentances. Although I don't agree with the way they are trieing these criminals. It's not like it's gas showers and furnaces or something.

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Have they even tried the prisoners?
I heard that the detainees have not been charged with a crime, nor have they been given any opportunity to demonstrate their innocence. They weren't provided with counsel and have made no appearance before any military or civilian tribunal. So they are already planning for executions without even charging their detainees?

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