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Location: Brooklyn, NY

I am now graduating college after spinning fire with the club here for four years and I would really like to make a video to remember the great times I've had. The thing is, I've never done video editing before in my life. Here's the problem:

Whenever I export the movie files from Adobe Premiere 6.5 as .avi or .mov using a divx compressor (or any other high compression) the quality is garbage. I've figured out how to get really nice video quality though...the problem is the file is massive (ex - 15 seconds was 50mb).

For those of you out there who take videos and edit them, what equipment (camera, software and compressor)do you use and what file type do you work with?

Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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matey, there's nothing wrong with your premiere per se, it's just that the div-x compression dialog is littered with many arcane settings (as with most professional packages)
look more carefully in the settings, especially 'crispness' and please look up reference material on optimisation (colour depth reduction, fps reduction, frames reduction, resolution reduction, slo or fast action compression, zzzzZZZZZZZ)
also, you may want to install other div-x encoders, or another format entirely ('X-VID Avi' and '.wmv' i recommend also)
or get a nerdy friend to do it.
that isn't me.

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simple answer, if your useing premier why not just firewire it back to your camera presuming its DV IN compatable.

failing that read benders post... i agree
divx can be played around with some thing bluntman and chronic.
right i'm off to play with flash some more.

AnonymousPLATINUM Member

use the DivX4 rather than the DivX5 codec. it has far far less widgets and produces nice and clear small files.


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