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hey there.little ol me found a magic shop here! i went to find some slight of hand tricks to keep me occupied etc.i ended up with flash paper. how that happened im not sure. ok i do know how that happened the man set you could light it on fire (i knew that too). anyhow.. any cool Poi related ideas to use it for?i was curious also about its my constant search for "self igniting staffs" i though flash paper inside a staff shaft with some form of sparking mechanism + some kerosene soaked wicks in theory should = lit staff with flick of swtich?..does flash paper burn hot enough to light a wick soaked in kero?also at this magic shop i was explaining Fire Spinning to the dude that worked there he said oh you mean like poi? and said exsactly like Poi. only on fire. and he said he had some Poi which he directed me to on the wall. it was this little kiddie kit of sorts but it said it had intructions etc and a website blah blah anywhoo it was 5 bucks so i bought it.. and the website was this one. the Poi are super light way lighter than im used to. ill probably give them to some over interested kid though..there still cool..

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Sorcha, Ooooh! I love magic shoppes!Flash paper is very cool indeed but the novelty of it is that it ignites into this very large flash and then dissipates almost immediately! While fun for tricks it really isn't going to be anything lasting in longevity for a spin.Nice find ont he set. If you pick up a couple more you can take them with you to a park (when the weather gets nice) and when all the little interested kids come up, you can hand them out for temporary use. Kids are great to watch and sometimes come up with moves you would never have thought of!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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I use flash paper in my staff performances.First you conceal flash paper in your hand then with the flash paper in your hand brush your hand over the flame and then hold your hand out. It then looks as though you picked the flame off of the staff.Extra tip roll the flash paper like a sausage then hold one end and as before set it on fire then you can wave your hand around slowly and in this way the flame lasts longer.Flash paper burns quite cold so risk of burning is minimal although I recommend letting go of it just before it reaches your hand. Practise and you will get it right. If you mess up it only mildly stings!There is quite a lot of stuff you can do with flash wool or string.Tip:Tie flash wool between your Poi to light them at the same time. BEWARE uses loads of it and is quite expensive. Also use for mission impossible esque burning in a straight line. Imagine detonator for fire equipment.Use your imagination I have thousands of uses for it!!!

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Is flash paper the same as nitrocellulose?I used that when I worked in a biotech lab. And played with that and matches when I worked *alone* in a biotech lab
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Yes it is very much the same as nitrocellulose. While fun to play around with dont try making it yourself leave it to the pro's cos one bloke here in the uk blew up his whole house cos he got it just a teensy bit wrong. (I know you are a kinda pro bendy but just for the record!!)I dont use it for Poi or staff stuff but just general magic and japes really.If im doing a gig with a mic on a stand then as i walk on i tap the mic as if to test. i have a hand flasher on a pull and as im saying 'testing..testing...' I spark it and boom it looks like the mics blown up and after this i just mouth my next few sentences to add to the effect. The look on the sound guys face is quite often worth it even if the audience dont get it!Another one is to secretly load some into an ashtray in a pub or club. With the paper just screw it loosely but make it look like its old, used and discarded, or if you have the wool (similar to cotton wool) then tease it out quite a bit so it just looks like fluff. When someone goes to stubb out or tip a cigarette then boom! Its often enough for many people to notice and causes quite a stir!! I once did it and the guy was so drunk he fell of his chair!!!The possibilities are endless...Gruff

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Grumbles that she can't get flash paper in Sydney... been trying for ages...anyone have any oz contacts?