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.:* Moon Pixie *:.

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Posted:Next Moon Fest is on Monday 17th Feb

We're up to the colour Blue (as we work our way through the rainbow, colour by colour each full moon)

We're getting together some fun blue~ish things... so this one should be a treat!

See all you lovely people then!


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Posted:would blue hair count to ?. I love blue it's my favourite colour . Oh and LizCampy will be there to (yay) I think she is outstanding !(what she is doing).

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Posted:K... not sure why I am bothering *big sigh*

Who's goin *this* time?!? eh?!?!

I will be sailing past most certainly.

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Posted:bumpity - bump...*

don't forget lovely fire folk of Brisbane... moon fest tonight at Shornlciffe beach.. lots of fire, dancing, drumming and loveliness...*

*see you all there*