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Posted:Every twirler in MElbourne who wishes to listen to psy-trance and twirl...

Shen Ying Friday 23rd August

Friday 23rd August will be an action-packed night of Japanese flavours at
Shen Ying. Featuring two international guests, Bokukubox (Japan) who will
be appearing in traditional Japanese kimono, and Lui (Japan), bringing you
the searing psychedelic sounds of Tokyo. In support will be Mental
Oriental, alongside residents Ciccia (Italy) and Ito (Psy-Harmonics).
Keeping with the Japanese theme, we will be giving away copies of the "New
Asians" cd, by Tsuyoshi Suzuki's band, Joujouka (out now on Psy-Harmonics).
There will also be a live tattoo show and tattoo voucher give-away, courtesy
of Tam. Fire twirling suprise in the laneway...and Alice's Cute & Quirky
Market Stall.
Funky-ass psychedelic trance every friday night at Geddes Lane,

Geddes lane, city... (off flinders lane)...
Hope yo'all having a lovely day

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Posted:you better be there punk.


SO WHERE THE HELL IS GEDDES LANE??? -i looked and looked but couldn't find it :\

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