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Posted:We have some sad news and some good news.

First of all the International Spin Gathering is still happening but in 2004 in Christchurch, NZ. Due to complications with planning we have decided to postpone it rather than present something half baked. Just look at it this way, this gives everyone more time to save!

However, we encourage everyone to try to set up a spin that covers a substantial area around you, or those who can't set one up due to isolation, to travel to one. The smaller events will create friendships that will make the International gathering even more powerful. If you need help pulling these together, please feel free to ask us for some advice or help.

Kindest regards and many thanks for the patience!

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Posted:The later in the year the better for me!

I think of heading to NZ and working for a few months around about march next year and then head to thailand from there and then to england after that!

But we shall see what happens!

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i vote earlier! im heading to new zealand in late december for about a month or so, so if the gathering is in early feb im more than happy to hang around for a few weeks!!!!!
im really keen!
this will be huuuge,
*no pressure pele, take your time, the world spins slowly*
it would be unreal meeting all you kindest discussion board folk!

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