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i dont like doing this but do feel the need to point out that you probabaly live in the united kingdom or great britain(depending what you think of the whole ireland thing).i too live in england just now but am scottish by heritage and british by passport. anyway now that my bitchin session is over. there are various things that happen in the uk depending on what you are into. i am afraid i only know about the juggling conventions but there is usually poi and staff people at them. the british convention is in cardiff(thats in wales in the uk) this year in the 3rd week of april and other smaller ones before and after then. there is also the beltane fire festival in edinburgh (thats in scotland in the uk) on the 30th of april i think.anyway, maybe you did just mean england in which case i apologise profusely, maybe you are not british and do not realise exactly what it was you wrote that offended, anyway post another message if you want more info on conventions and the likeali


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