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Hi, I havent really made a lot of post but been on this site for over a year so. Anyways, has anyone used poi as like a form of workout or exercise. I'm this really skinny little shit, well tall little shit kid, and everyone thinks in like annerexic, haha. Im not the type of person to go to a gym and work out, I just dont like that type of area.
Anyways, has anyone like added weights to your poi's like everyone couple of weeks as a way to gain musscle, what do you guys think?

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Wasain, as far as building up muscles goes, if you add weights to your pio, you are going to get some muscles in some really odd areas.

As far as general toning or an all over workout tho (providing you move your legs as much as your arms, remember to keep your stomach muscles tight and your back muscles flexing smoothly) you cant really beat it! its a nice way to work up a sweat! You could try things with a greater resistance, like flags, they seem to take more effort as well...

As far as dancing goes, that really depends on individual style. I could suggest taking moves from balinese dancing, or belly dancing, but if you've never seen those particular art forms,. its not like i could explain it to you online!

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After spinning for about 6 months, I had to buy new dress shirts since my shoulders had gotten too big for the ones I had. Other than that, it is a very good cardio workout, but I would be careful adding too much weight to the poi as you may get repetitive stress injuries such as tennis elbow, shoulder burscitis, or even wrist strain. I've had the first and the last of that list and don't particularly care for them, though I think the shoulder problems were from staff more than poi.


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I love a good poi workout! It's definitely going to help with definition and muscle building in the arms.

But... I tried staff on sunday and now my arm is KILLING me with pain.. pushed new muscles a little too hard boo.



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Clubs and staff are better workouts (heavier).

Poi will build up your arms and shoulders for sure but I think something like swimming or the gym would be best for all over bulk if you're skinny.


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doing heavy doubles with big long burning wicks will build muscle...

Clubs are very good (o the pain!) but they have to be heavy, or else I reckon they only build the wrists/forearms...

I was thinking a couple of 600ml coke bottles filled with water and gaffa taped to some handles would be a good work out, although, I did fear that strains and stuff could ensue...


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Do some hard labour.... that will give you muscles that stay with you a loong time ....
Weekend job working as a lumber-jack or something like that. And eat well (a lot of meat and vegetables). That will give you money in your pocket....muscles on your body and the good feeling of having done something constructive....

I tell day of digging ditches is a lot of days doing heavy poi's (just not as fun )

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i use poi and unicycleing for physio on my busted back. not for actual body mass building.

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