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  Posted: hi, i just started spinning a few days ago, with my practice (tennis ball) poi

i was wondering how fast people perform their moves... i learnt the butterfly and a few other simple things so far, and i can do butterflies slow, then i try to go faster... i can get it to a reasonable speed, but as they get faster they knock. Is this technique or is there a maximum speed you can do the tricks at?

also, what looks better? doing tricks fast, or having a smoother, slow routine?

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  Posted:Personally I think it's best to learn moves at a slower pace, that way you can better see the what your doing and bring together the seperate elements of the moves in a more controled way. It also decrease the pain factor when you mess up

As you get more comfortable with the moves you can add speed, as much as you want, and you shouldn't have a problem. You mind and muscles get trained to automatically do the moves without a whole lot of conscience effort. Which kind of makes it hard to tell others how to do moves, since you're like, uhhh, I just do it.

But high speed really isn't the end goal. You get tired faster and it really doesn't look that incredibly good. doing a smoother slightly slower routine with alot of quality tricks is best, and you can change the pace for some added effects too.

Alright, thats my sad attempt at advice

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  Posted:It was a good attempt. What Jello said, learn slow and smooth, and add speed later. Personally I stay with the slow and smooth as in my opinion it beats speed hands down.


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  Posted:good points to jello and dom!! speed comes with practice and time, dont try to do any new moves really fast!! trust me...tennis balls look very soft and un-painfull...wrong!! when those frikiin things hit you in the nu*s, omfg!! and even worse, which was brought up in another topic, tip shots are the worst...you'll find out soon enough!! lol unless you get smart and wear a cup...lol..well good luck spinning and keep practicing it only gets less painfull the more you do it!!

i usually end up doing my moves to the speed of the music i listen to, it is a good way to vary speeds and change moves and stuff. well good luck!

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  Posted:I think most of us have too much Poi on the mind to remember the cup. besides, then you wouldn't learn to not hit yourself in the groin nearly as fast.

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  Posted:i learn all my new moves slow...i find that if i can do something really slowly, when i speed it up it's effortless, like because my hands know every nuance of the action from slow repetition, when the speed comes, they still add every little quirk in a move (i think that's called muscular memory or something)...weighted balls have helped me with this, but that's just me, lots of people practice w/o weights....


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  Posted:Personally, I've found that slower is better than faster. This is true for glowsticking, flagging, Poi, and even staff. Oh sure, going fast can make a great accent to a routine, but I consider it a variation.

The faster you go, the sooner your wicks flame out. And you have to remember that the Poi, which are way out there almost a meter from your hands, are actually moving pretty darned fast, even when they're going "slow." If you don't believe me, hit yourself with a "slow" Poi.

(But NOT a beaming Poi, unless you don't mind grapefruit-sized bruises.)

Other thing is that if you're spinning something that has essentially unlimited lifetime (beamers, glowsticks, comets, etc.) you will get tired a lot more quickly if you go fast.


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