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  Posted: hey whatz up guys i just made a new toy and wow! once i had the hang of these things they rock i can combine my staff moves and Poi Moves and to make this a totaly uniqe toy and it looks amazing
on video
has anybody tried these ?
does any body consider themselves a master meteor swinger ?
what kind of burn time do you get

dont ever ask me whta time it is ?where are we? or are we there yet? because the time is now!we here !and we wil never be there !

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  Posted:i have considered making some of these they lo9ok really cool to play wiht, how did you make them/..if ya dont mind me askin..

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  Posted:Hi swiftythefireguy
If you do a little search you'll find threads on meteors with interesting information.
It would be great if you bumped them up and added what you are saying here. You mention a video ? I am sure we'd all be super interested to see it

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