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Posted:i still can't bring myself to use the word 'twirling' but that's another topic... the one i like best is 'swingin' because of all the fun connotations. anyway, before i go off on a major major tangent, it looks like we're going to be leaving the nastiness that is New York City in the wintertime for warmer climes... those climes are, apparently, capetown, south africa, due to my boyfriend getting a really good gig there. we'll be there in january and february, and maybe some of march.i've been told by more than one person there's a HUGE community in Capetown, so now i'm hunting you down in advance so i don't have to succumb to attending a trance party when i get there (as much as i love fire people, i just friggin' HATE trance).so if you're in Capetown, let's chat a bit. dori

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