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Hey all, I have just proved myself to be an absent minded professor, again...I was at my normal spot at the beach, and this tropical band starts playing. I already had my gear set up and all. I moved all my stuff because the music was eating me up! So, the bright guy that I am, I decide to move my fuel and not put the tops on, thinking that I would be super careful and not spill, right?
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Wrong. I packed my fuel and began to walk carelessly. I completely forgot what I was carrying or that I needed to be careful! drip drip drip splash! my pants were soaked in kero.
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ack. horrible horrible. At the beach, no spare clothes. Needless to say, my bright self danced the whole night in my kero soaked pants, and by the nights end the kero had thoroughly soaked into my skin. Now I have some sort of rash on my legs! Any solutions to purge the body of kero? Many thanks!------------------We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.~Edgar Cayce


I've heard charcoal tablets...Josh

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I might just call poison control on that one. Firstly, tell them that it's NOT an emergency. They may want to switch you to a non-emergency line. If you're lucky you may get a bored operator who will gladly give you some information. A buddy of mine worked for poison control for a while and said it was moslty boring... I lost touch with him otherwise I'd ask him. Of course, you may be calling during a crisis, in which case you should just apologize and hang up...Of course, if you made it back to post, you're probably going to live.
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PK is a god.. i love the Peeekster.

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