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I don't want a title.

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Posted:This is called a drabble. The way it works is that each week, someone will post a challenge. For example, "Write a story involving cheese" or "write a story where somebody loses a wick" or whatnot. Everybody then responds with a 100 word (or less) story that uses HoP people as characters responding to the challenge. Respond as many times as you like.

New challenges come out on Wednesdays. If you open the thread on a Wednesday and there's no new challenge for the week yet, post the challenge yourself! This way, hopefully challengers will switch around. (We can switch to more frequent challenges, if you like.)

Each story should should follow this format (so as to distinguish entries from other comments):
Title: (If you choose to give it one)
Challenge: (Each should be named for easy reference)
Rating: (Hopefully no R, since this is a kid-friendly board)
Word count: (Ideally 100 words)
Characters involved: (this is self-explanatory)
Any notes or disclaimers: (For example, deep apologies to Regyt for turning her into a kleptomaniac in this story)

Because Halloween just passed...

Challenge #1: Write a story involving the supernatural.

E pluribus unum, baby.

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