Beginners part 1, Holding the poi

Beginners part 1, Holding the poi

Hand Diagram

Пои - Holding the poi


HOP • Published on 12 May, 2006

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There are many ways of holding onto Poi. Here are just a few of them.

Thumb and First Finger.
Holding the cord between these fingers. Great for doing certain moves. Can be done also in conjunction with looped handles.

Double loop.
Most common handle. Typically you put one finger through each loop (Hand Diagram fig.1.). It really does not matter which two fingers. Use the fingers that give you the most comfort and control.

Single loop.
You can put one, two or three fingers through the loop. Also to be more secure, drop out the middle finger (Hand Diagram fig.2.)

Rings or Balls.
These can be really good for throws and catches. But watch the Whip effect as they come back to your hand as they can hurt if you catch incorrectly.

To get double loop handles to grip the fingers more securely place fingers through the loops pointing down (Hand Diagram fig.3a.), and then take cord through the first two fingers to the back of the hand (Hand Diagram fig.3b.).

Additional notes: If using Fire then make sure you can get your hands out of the handles quickly. See "Fire Safety" lessons.

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poi lover diaNne
Member #103425
Reged: Dec 2009
Post19th Dec 2009 6:49 AM 

what if i'm using a Sock Poi and it has only a "knob",,????

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post20th Dec 2009 3:48 PM 

Hold it like shown using Diagram #5 or by holding the "knob" with thumb and fore finger.

Happy twirling smile

May your balls always burn

Member #104560
Reged: Jan 2010
Post24th Sep 2010 7:28 AM 

leather or nylon?

Member #119081
Reged: Sep 2010
Post24th Sep 2010 4:15 PM 

Ok question: Is tying them around your wrist a no-no?

Member #52781
Reged: May 2007
Post15th Nov 2010 6:03 PM 

 Written by :ahyder

leather or nylon?

use nylon. leather could get nasty from sweat and dirt and is harder to wash.

don't use nylon with fire though. it's pretty flammable.

Member #52781
Reged: May 2007
Post15th Nov 2010 6:05 PM 

if using fire, DO NOT tie them to yourself. if you get tangled, you could get severely burned.

i guess you could tie other Types Of Poi to your wrists if you want, but i think that would be really uncomfortable.

Member #125893
Reged: Jan 2011
Post21st Jan 2011 2:31 AM 

Hey, I like the foxy sock pois in the shop, but I don't see any handle on them - should I do a knob, or can I 'plug' somehow a pair of handles?
I feel more confortable with handles - but as a total newbie I'm not really sure what would be the best kind of Poi for me to start with.
Thanks in advance for the input.

Member #129393
Reged: Apr 2011
Post16th Apr 2011 12:35 PM 

how do i tie my Sock Poi in a knob?

Member #134811
Reged: Jul 2011
Post17th Jul 2011 9:48 PM 

3a/b doesn't work with leather handles. Is there no other way to get a tighter grip. I just started playing around with them 20 minutes ago, and I've already got blisters.

Comments/replies: 9


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